Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx 2020) Vol.1

Vienna, Austria, September 2020-21

These Proceedings contain the accepted papers from the first call for papers in 2020

Some of these works have been virtually presented at the eDAFx2020, September 9-11, 2020

The in-person presentation is postponed until DAFx2020 in 21, September 7-11, 2021

DAFx 2020 is being organised by a team of researchers from the following Institutions in Vienna:

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Session 1: Spatial Audio and Artificial Reverberation I

Room Impulse Response Estimation Using Signed Distance Functions
Patrik Lechner

An Acoustic Paintbrush Method for Simulated Spatial Room Impulse Responses
Otto Puomio, Tapani Pihlajakuja and Tapio Lokki

Flexible Real-Time Reverberation Synthesis with Accurate Parameter Control
Karolina Prawda, Silvin Willemsen, Stefania Serafin and Vesa Välimäki

Blind Arbitrary Reverb Matching
Andy Sarroff and Roth Michaels

Evaluation of a Stochastic Reverberation Model Based on the Source Image Principle
Achille Aknin, Théophile Dupré and Roland Badeau

Numerical Calculation of Modal Spring Reverb Parameters
Maarten van Walstijn

Optimization of Convolution Reverberation
Sadjad Siddiq

Session 2: Virtual Analog

Taming the Red Llama—Modeling a CMOS-Based Overdrive Circuit
Lasse Köper and Martin Holters

Antiderivative Antialiasing in Nonlinear Wave Digital Filters
Davide Albertini, Alberto Bernardini and Augusto Sarti

Moog Ladder Filter Generalizations Based on State Variable Filters
Kurt James Werner and Russell McClellan

Fully-Implicit Algebro-Differential Parametrization of Circuits
Rémy Müller and Thomas Hélie

Session 3: Audio Processing and Effects

Virtual Bass System With Fuzzy Separation of Tones and Transients
Eloi Moliner, Jussi Rämö and Vesa Välimäki

Stable Structures for Nonlinear Biquad Filters
Jatin Chowdhury

Optimization of cascaded parametric peak and shelving filters with backpropagation algorithm
Purbaditya Bhattacharya, Patrick Nowak and Udo Zölzer

Bistable Digital Audio Effect
Alexander Ramirez, Vikas Tokala, Antonin Novak, Frederic Ablitzer and Manuel Melon

Flexible Framework for Audio Restoration
Ondřej Mokrý, Pavel Rajmic and Pavel Záviška

GPGPU Patterns for Serial and Parallel Audio Effects
Travis Skare

Session 4: Synthesis

Practical Linear and Exponential Frequency Modulation for Digital Music Synthesis
Kasper Nielsen

Water Bottle Synthesis with Modal Signal Processing
Jatin Chowdhury, Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou and Mark Rau

Audio Morphing Using Matrix Decomposition and Optimal Transport
Gerard Roma, Owen Green and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

Advanced Fourier Decomposition for Realistic Drum Synthesis
Tim Kirby and Mark Sandler

Efficient Snare-Drum Model for Acoustic Interfaces with Piezoelectric Sensors
Philipp Schmalfuß, Max Neupert and Björn Kessler

Adversarial Synthesis of Drum Sounds
Jake Drysdale, Maciek Tomczak and Jason Hockman

Complementary N-gon Waves and Shuffled Samples Noise
Dominik Chapman

Accelerating Matching Pursuit for Multiple Time-Frequency Dictionaries
Zdeněk Průša, Nicki Holighaus and Peter Balazs

Session 5: Physical Modeling

A String in a Room: Mixed-Dimensional Transfer Function Models for Sound Synthesis
Maximilian Schäfer, Rudolf Rabenstein and Sebastian J. Schlecht

A Finite Difference Model for Articulated Slide-String Simulation
Abhiram Bhanuprakash, Maarten van Walstijn and Paul Stapleton

A Power-Balanced Dynamic Model of Ferromagnetic Coils
Judy Najnudel, Thomas Hélie, Rémy Müller and David Roze

Session 6: Spatial Audio and Artificial Reverberation II

FDNTB: The Feedback Delay Network Toolbox
Sebastian J. Schlecht

Velvet-Noise Feedback Delay Network
Jon Fagerström, Benoit Alary, Sebastian J. Schlecht and Vesa Välimäki

Fade-In Control for Feedback Delay Networks
Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian J. Schlecht and Tapio Lokki

Delay Network Architectures for Room and Coupled Space Modeling
Orchisama Das, Jonathan Abel and Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou

Energy-Preserving Time-Varying Schroeder Allpass Filters
Kurt James Werner

Perceptual Evaluation of Mitigation Approaches of Impairments Due to Spatial Undersampling in Binaural Rendering of Spherical Microphone Array Data: Dry Acoustic Environments
Tim Lübeck, Hannes Helmholz, Johannes Mathias Arend, Christoph Pörschmann and Jens Ahrens

Interaural Cues Cartography: Localization Cues Repartition for Three Spatialization Methods
Eric Méaux and Sylvain Marchand

Session 7: Machine Learning and Analysis

Neural Parametric Equalizer Matching Using Differentiable Biquads
Shahan Nercessian

Relative Music Loudness Estimation Using Temporal Convolutional Networks and a CNN Feature Extraction Front-End
Blai Meléndez-Catalán, Emilio Molina and Emilia Gómez

Neural Modelling of Time-Varying Effects
Alec Wright and Vesa Välimäki

Onset-Informed Source Separation Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization with Binary Masks
Yuta Kusaka, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kenji Nishida and Kazuhiro Nakadai

Differentiable IIR Filters for Machine Learning Applications
Boris Kuznetsov, Julian Parker and Fabian Esqueda

TIV.lib: An Open-Source Library for the Tonal Description of Musical Audio
António Ramires, Gilberto Bernardes, Matthew E. P. Davies and Xavier Serra

Recognizing Guitar Effects and Their Parameter Settings
Henrik Jürgens, Reemt Hinrichs and Jörn Ostermann

Diet Deep Generative Audio Models with Structured Lottery
Philippe Esling, Ninon Devis, Adrien Bitton, Antoine Caillon, Axel Chemla-Romeu-Santos and Constance Douwes