23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

DAFx 2020

Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 September 2020

We are constantly monitoring the current situation, while we are making our best effort to maintain the original schedule

The 23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

Welcome to DAFx 2020 hosted at Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (mdw), Austria !!!

The Digital Audio Effects conferences are meeting points for scientists, engineers, musicians and artists who are developing and applying technology to audio in all its forms.

The conference title originated from a European Union's COST-G6 project and the first public event, the DAFx'98 Workshop, took place in Barcelona. There is now a long standing tradition of DAFx. Besides DAFx conference proceedings, two editions of the Digital Audio Effects (DAFx) book have been published.

In the time, the original title has been given a much broader meaning encompassing all kind of sound and music information processing. Perhaps, we can agree that an Audio Effect is just about anything that sounds!

As with all DAFx conferences, this edition's programme will be a blend of oral and poster presentations of peer-reviewed papers, keynote addresses, tutorials and demonstrations. There will be several social events held for the attendants, including a concert and the traditional banquet.

This year we would like to organise a participants' jamsession as part of the concert. More info for the coordination of this event will be given in due time. Some instruments can be borrowed but if you play a special one and/or a unique effect, it will be necessary to bring it along with you.

Right after DAFx, the quinquennial Vienna Talk on Music Acoustics is taking place at the same venue, starting Sunday 13 September.

The DAFX 2020 conference is being organised by a team of people spanning several institutions in Vienna where active research on Sound and Music processing and Acoustics is performed. These are:

The DAFx 2020 conference chair is Prof. Gianpaolo Evangelista (mdw), who already chaired the DAFx 2004 conference in Naples, Italy.

Tutorials: Tue. 8 Sept.

Conference: Wed. 9 Sept. to Fri. 11 Sept.

Social Tour: Sat. 12 Sept.

Vienna Talk on Music Acoustic: Sept. 13-16

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University of Music and Performing Arts

Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1

1030 Vienna


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