Travel and Hotel Info for DAFx20in22

We are planning an in-person event and would like to make sure your trip and your stay will be as comfortable as possible. Traveling to Vienna for this year's DAFx Conference is not so difficult due to the many connections available. The usual hotel and room rental services can also be found in Vienna.

Displacement in town is also simple, due to an outstanding public transportation system, together with various bicycle (city run) and moped rental/drop systems (private). Indeed, in our DAFx20's Vienna editions we are trying to minimize our environmental impact and stay safe!

For all sorts of traveling information and hotel booking we can recommend the city website.

The Venue

The conference takes place at the main campus of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (mdw), which is quite centrally located in the 3-rd district (Landstrasse) of the city in the proximity of the Landstrasse / Wien Mitte station.

Reaching Wien Mitte from the airport is very easy with the S7 line of the S-Bahn (see below for more information). Once arrived at the tracks in Wien Mitte, in order to reach DAFx, try to exit on the Stadtpark side (so do not follow the Wien Mitte directions, which is also where most people go, so don't follow the crowd...).

In that case you will be very near mdw: at the exit of the station make a U-turn to the right and follow the Linke Bahngasse until you see the ocra coloured buildings of mdw. Cross Beatrixgasse and keep on going until you reach the car entrance to get into the university garden. Along the way you will find two DAFx20in22 posters in the vitrines featuring our logo with an arrow, which points in the right direction (sorry, we don't really have the right to put more signs outside the campus). Inside the university garden you should find plenty of our signs and posters showing your way.

Turn right once you pass the main building -- currently the object of construction work -- and you will start seeing the Future Art Lab (FAL), the most design and modern building on campus: this is your destination. Registration and info will be available once you enter the glass door marked by, guess what, waveform signals! (Green dots on the map below; X marks the spot). The orientation within campus mdw is also shown in a diagram below.

If you followed the crowd at the train station, once you are out in the street make a left turn to first go in the direction of Starbucks. Without crossing the street, at the crossroads immediately turn right and follow that street until you reach the other station exit (red dots on the map below). Then do as written above ["In that case..."].

mdw Ancient Music building

mdw from Mitte

Future Art Lab

Campus mdw diagram

ATTENTION !!! If you arrive on Tuesday, September 6 before 18:00, due to the construction of a big crane, the car entrance passage will not be accessible. Please continue to the mdw main entrance, just steps away in the same direction (see diagram above). Inside the building you will find a dedicated guided path to the Future (Art Lab omitted here). It will not be safe to walk in the open air due to possible crane attacks...

If you arrive Tuesday, September 6 after 18:00, please join us directly at BS (see diagram above).

Please note that entrance by car and parking on the mdw premises is not allowed to unauthorised drivers at any time.

Public Transportation

Although the city has a very efficient public transportation system, it could be a good idea to book your stay in adjacent areas that do not require many changes (i.e. somewhere on the S-Bahn line, or the metro lines U3, U4), or somewhere within walking distance. All areas in Vienna are safe.

S-Bahn Logo To reach Wien Mitte from the airport take the S7 line of the S-Bahn (rapid train, direction Floridsdorf, 25 minutes ride, cost 4.30 Euro). At the airport the train station is located under Terminal 3. Of course there are other alternatives such as the Railjet train to the Central Station and then S-Bahn lines S1, S2 or S3 (or other regional trains) to Wien Mitte, with the same ticket. Or, there is a three time more expensive, and whoppingly 6 minutes faster, private train service (the CAT) to Wien Mitte -- Choose it if you prefer the exclusive style.

If you plan to travel around in Vienna, we suggest you either buy each day a one-day ticket for 5.80 Euro, or the one-week-ticket for 17.10 Euro. Do not buy the 24/48/72h tickets, as those are much more expensive. The Vienna tickets are valid in (nearly) all public transports inside of Vienna (in particular, this means that the ride to or from the airport from or to the City boundaries is not included). Furthermore, you cannot buy a Vienna public transportation ticket at the airport. An online alternative exists but the website is only in German: VOR Ticket Shop.

In the city you can also use the city owned bike rental service WienMobil, at 0,60 Euro per hour.

For further information on public transportation please see the Wiener Linien website or the OEBB website, or -- once again -- the city website.

Currently, and most likely in September too, it is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask in all public transportation in Vienna, on trains and in the stations. We are also recommending the use of FFP2 masks at the conference.

Tourist Attractions

If you have some time left after the conference for sight-seeing, we would like to point out some attractions (also some not-so-well-known ones) in Vienna (some of these could also be visited during our tours):

Vienna also has some great museums, but those usually take the whole day for a visit.

If you didn't manage to explore all this or if you would just like to browse the offer, we can advise the Vienna Youtube Channel.